One Magick Yule ~ Book Review

Book Blurb:

Living in a remote part of eastern Kentucky, Taylor McKenzie has secrets to keep. As an author of mystery novels, she writes under a pen name to avoid intrusion into her life. As a witch, she talks to animals and performs magick that she prefers to keep to herself. Ben Partin needed to get away from life after a recent romantic relationship went bad. His grandmother had just the place at her abandoned farm in rural Kentucky. As a romance author, he was suffering from the worst kind of writer’s block ever. How could he write romances when he didn’t believe in love anymore? Two meddlesome dogs and a blizzard on Christmas Eve manage to unravel secrets and open doors for the two solitary writers.

Book Review:

I’m a sucker for stories with unique characters and storylines. This book has both. I love that Taylor could talk to animals and that each animal had its own character and voice. Happy, the raccoon, was a definite scene stealer, literally. Highly recommend this sweet Christmas romance.

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One Magick Yule

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